One year prior to your wedding day

one year

One year prior to your wedding day

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding!

By now you will probably have booked your venue chosen a theme/colour and know the type of wedding you desire.

I recommend you choose your dress prior to thinking about your hair, because the style of a dress can greatly effect the way you wear your hair. For example, a higher neck line will be enhanced by wearing your hair up, a vintage dress would suit a vintage hairstyle, or a natural undone style would work well with both a boho wedding dress or a low back.

If you fancy wearing a veil this can also affect your choice of hairstyle, For example, hair worn to the side does not always work well with a veil.If you are considering an outdoor wedding, wearing your hair down may irritate you as it may blow in to your face, potentially spoiling your photos, so you may want to consider a half up, half down style or an up-do!

Get pinning! Start collecting ideas of your likes and dislikes. Pinterest is a great way to create a mood board and I would suggest that your board consists of not just hair ideas but also your theme/colour  to give me a wider picture of how you want your wedding to look.

You want your hair to stay in place to the very end and look as beautiful as it did at the start of your day. I recommend that you choose a style that is timeless, as a trendy style may date very quickly. Sometimes, less is more. The aim is to be the best version of yourself!


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